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Triad Roofing & Construction Services offers top of the line roofing services and roof repair for homeowners in the Quad Cities and surrounding areas, backed by some of the nation's leading manufacturers, including Owens Corning and DaVinci. We have been a leading local choice for roofing services for over 25 years, and today two generations of local homeowners count on us to build or repair their roofs.

The roof of your home is vital to the comfort and protection of you and your family. Unfortunately, no one has yet discovered how to build a roof that lasts forever. If your roof past it's prime or falls into disrepair, it can no longer function at peak capacity and could rapidly turn from a hassle to a hazard. That is why we offer both full roof replacements and repairs, and work with local homeowners to choose the best roofing services for them.

Your Choice in Roofing Style

We offer a wide range of roofing styles and will work with you to choose the best fit for your home. From traditional asphalt shingles to specialty polymer shingles, we can craft a roof for your home that will be built to stand strong in even the harshest weather.

Storm Damage Roofing Services

Should the roof of your home come into disrepair, we are the leading local experts in assessing and repairing storm damage. When you call us for our storm damage services, we act swiftly to tarp off all affected areas, take into account all areas of damage, and help you with the decision to repair or replace your roof.

If you believe that your roof is damaged, we urge you to call us and schedule a free consultation on our expert roofing services. Climbing up there yourself may seem like the easiest thing, but it is extremely dangerous if you are do not have the trained eye of a roofing professional.

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