Spruce Up Your Home Design with a Pergola Installation from Triad Roofing & Construction Services

Is it time to expand your home's living area? Why not make use of the beautiful outdoors to add a little excitement to your design and lifestyle? Choose a pergola installation. While relaxing in the shade of a pergola, you can enjoy fresh breezes, read a book, and simply enjoy the pretty flowers in your garden. Pergolas are the perfect addition to your property, as they help boost your property's character while providing a relaxing space outdoors. They offer a refuge from sun's rays, as well as let in plenty of fresh air and lighting. We offer pergola installation for many different activities, such as barbeque grills and outdoor dining.

Top Benefits of Pergola Installation

One of the easiest and most effective ways to beautify your backyard is by adding a pergola. Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits it can bring to your property:

  • Weather Protection - If you're avoiding your backyard because of a lack of protection from sun's heat, then a pergola is the best solution to your problem. Aside from its construction specifically designed to provide shade, pergolas can also accommodate climbing plants, adding extra protection against the sun.
  • Blocking Out Unsightly Views - You can strategically place a pergola to avoid unsightly views, such as a neighbor's house or an old shed, and focus the attention on your picturesque landscape.
  • Backyard Greening - Pergolas come with columns, as well as lattices and beams, where climbing plants can intertwine themselves. They can green up your garden in a way that only beautiful plants can provide.

Here at Triad Roofing & Construction Services, we built pergolas on-site with cedar wood. Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to insect damage, decay, and rot. It can also last for decades with minimal maintenance or none at all. The beautiful timbers can stand alone unfinished or finished, depending on your personal taste.

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