Patio Covers that Protect and Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Your deck or patio is your refuge from the business of your day. To ensure it provides you long years of service, you need to keep it in good condition always. Unfortunately, leaving it at the mercy of the elements can lead to the degradation of your patio materials, which can negatively affect its beauty as well as shorten its lifespan. If you want to protect your patio from sun and rain, but don't want to enclose it completely, then patio covers could be what you're looking for.

Superior Mason Patio Covers

Superior Mason Patio Covers offer protection from the elements without the need to enclose your outdoor living space, be it a patio, porch or deck. Enjoy a sunny afternoon or rainy evening on your patio, knowing that we've got you covered. Our products are custom-cut and installed by a trained team of professionals to guarantee a patio cover that perfectly complements your property while giving your patio the lasting protection you're looking for.

Superior Mason Patio Covers are made of custom-designed aluminum and steel and feature a baked-on polyester finish. These features ensure that your patio cover is rugged and weathertight, while requiring little maintenance and enhancing your property's aesthetic value. But these aren't the only features you can expect from our products.

Superior Stylishness and Elegance

When you buy Superior Mason Patio Covers, perfection is an understatement. You'll find that every line on our patio cover is nice and smooth, with no unsightly splicers or couplings to ruin the seamless look. The sleek and stylish appearance is guaranteed to add significant curb appeal and value to your property.

The baked-on polyester finish eliminates the hassle of painting or staining. Plus, the high-quality aluminum and steel that we use for our products mean you won't have to worry about rust, rot, contraction, expansion, fading, or cracking that's often associated with patio covers made of iron, wood, plastic, or composite materials.

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